Window performance timing responsestart

Window performance timing responsestart
  1. What is responseStart?
  2. What is Performance timing?
  3. What is window performance?
  4. What is the purpose of the property PerformanceTiming navigationStart?

What is responseStart?

responseStart. The responseStart read-only property returns a timestamp immediately after the browser receives the first byte of the response from the server, cache, or local resource.

What is Performance timing?

Performance timings are part of the Navigation Timings recommendation. Their goal is to detail the main technical steps of a page loading time, from the request handling to the end of the loading of all the resources (except those loaded asynchronously after the onload event).

What is window performance?

performance. The Window interface's performance property returns a Performance object, which can be used to gather performance information about the current document.

What is the purpose of the property PerformanceTiming navigationStart?

Explanation: The PerformanceTiming. navigationStart read-only property returns an unsigned long long representing the moment, in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch, right after the prompt for unload terminates on the previous document in the same browsing context.

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