Tremolo harmonica 24 holes

Tremolo harmonica 24 holes
  1. What is a 24 hole harmonica called?
  2. How many holes does a tremolo harmonica have?

What is a 24 hole harmonica called?

About the Tremolo Harmonica

In Asia there are two main tremolo types, the 24 hole, used in China, the 21 hole, used in Japan and elsewhere. ... Both reeds sound when the instrument is played, producing a wavering tremolo sound (hence the name), somewhat like an accordian.

How many holes does a tremolo harmonica have?

The Tremolo has either 21 or 24 holes. The comb has a divider down the middle which doubles the number of holes. The Tremolo is actually two harmonicas, tuned slightly apart and played in unison. The beating which occurs between the notes creates the Tremolo sound, not unlike a piano accordian.

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