Xvive u2 problems

Xvive u2 problems
  1. How long does it take to charge Xvive U2?
  2. How long does the Xvive battery last?
  3. How does Xvive work?

How long does it take to charge Xvive U2?

The Xvive U2 wireless for guitar rocks. It just delivers on its promise- It works, no loss of tone, 100'-150' range, recharges quickly (less than 2 hours) and lasts about 6 hours. It might be nice if they included a wall wart charger, but we've all got those around and any USB port will charge them.

How long does the Xvive battery last?

Battery Life: Outstanding. You can play for 3-4 hours for sure (I do it all the time), But, you can charge them in minutes, so just plug them in when you take a break in your all-night set.

How does Xvive work?

The Xvive U2 transmitter plugged into a standard guitar jack. ... Now, you're all set… just flick the power switch on the transmitter and receiver. It doesn't matter which one you turn on first. They should automatically synch with each other without you actually having to do anything.

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