Trills in beethoven

Trills in beethoven

Therefore, I state the following rule for trills in Beethoven: start on the beat and on the upper note EXCEPT when in a descending line (that is, when the note before the note bearing the trill is a step higher than the trill note). This rule also should be applied to Chopin.

  1. Does classical music use trills?
  2. What is a trill in classical music?
  3. Which composer uses trills in his most famous work?

Does classical music use trills?

Vocal trills

Vocal music of the classical tradition has included a variety of ornaments known as trills since the time of Giulio Caccini. In the preface to his Le nuove musiche, he describes both the "shake" (what is commonly known today as the trill) and the "trill" (now often called a Baroque or Monteverdi trill).

What is a trill in classical music?

A trill is a short musical action, or 'ornament', whereby a musician quickly alternates between two notes; imagine a twittering bird…

Which composer uses trills in his most famous work?


Surely one of the longest, most transcendent trills in the repertoire can be found in Beethoven's final sonata, one of his last works for piano.

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