Sibelius layout and formatting

Sibelius layout and formatting
  1. How do I format individual parts in Sibelius?
  2. How do you format measures in Sibelius?

How do I format individual parts in Sibelius?

Open your first part, and quickly improve its spacing by:

  1. Select all (cmd-A on a Mac)
  2. Reset note spacing (shift-cmd-N or in the Appearance tab of the ribbon)
  3. With everything still selected, click Optimise in the Layout tab (I made my own keyboard shortcut 'O' for this as I use it a lot).

How do you format measures in Sibelius?

1) Measures Per System

  1. Ensure Panorama Mode is toggled off (⇧ P).
  2. Select the entire score (⌘ A) or (Ctrl A).
  3. Ensure your score's or part's format is unlocked (⇧ ⌘ U) or (⇧ Ctrl U).
  4. Reset Note Spacing (⇧ ⌘ N) or (⇧ Ctrl N)
  5. Change the size of notation objects as desired (Layout > Document Setup card > Staff Size).

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