Rockwool soundproofing

Rockwool soundproofing
  1. Is Rockwool good for soundproofing?
  2. Which Rockwool is best for soundproofing?
  3. Is Rockwool better than fiberglass for sound?

Is Rockwool good for soundproofing?

We suggest acoustic insulation such as ROCKWOOL SAFE'n'SOUND®. Stone wool insulation solutions from ROCKWOOL will help you soundproof and insulate your space with the proven durability to last for the long term without seeing a decrease in performance.

Which Rockwool is best for soundproofing?

1. Roxul Rockboard 40/60/80. Roxul Rockboard is a rigid mineral wool panel product ideal for use as noise and thermal barriers. Rockboard is perfect for blocking noise in mechanical rooms, or any interior room where sound absorption and thermal insulation are both a priority.

Is Rockwool better than fiberglass for sound?

Roxul and fiberglass have similar acoustic properties when compared to similar products. ... Rockwool is easier to work with than fiberglass and is better for acoustic panels than fiberglass. It is also better at absorbing low-frequency range noise than comparable fiberglass.

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