Piano keys too heavy

Piano keys too heavy
  1. How heavy should piano keys be?
  2. Why are my piano keys so heavy?
  3. Are heavier piano keys better?

How heavy should piano keys be?

A reading of 50 grams is about standard. Depending on the piano, however, it may be considerably more or less, anywhere from 30 to over 70 grams. Note that the key may not go all the way down.

Why are my piano keys so heavy?

Over time, dirt, dust, wear and tear can change those specifications making the touch of your piano keys feel heavy and sluggish. Cleaning, lubrication and action regulation will usually restore, and often make better, the original touch and feel of your piano's keys.

Are heavier piano keys better?

Lighter keys will allow you to play faster, heavier keys offer greater expression.

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