Music wire

Music wire
  1. What is music wire?
  2. Is music wire spring steel?
  3. How hard is music wire?
  4. What gauge is music wire?

What is music wire?

Music wire is a highly versatile type of wire, however as the name implies, it is best known for only one of its uses. It is made from high carbon steel, making it ideal for high-stress applications such as piano strings. ... These characteristics make this type of wire a widely used choice for coiled springs.

Is music wire spring steel?

Piano wire, or "music wire", is a specialized type of wire made for use in piano strings but also in other applications as springs. It is made from tempered high-carbon steel, also known as spring steel, which replaced iron as the material starting in 1834.

How hard is music wire?

LIMITATIONS. While music wire is highly versatile, it is not indestructible. It can endure heavy loads, but it can give way under “shock” loads—that is, sudden, high-impact levels of stress. Also, temperature extremes can affect its ability to perform, so it isn't recommended in situations of extreme heat or cold.

What gauge is music wire?

Music Wire 18 Gauge .

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