Mesh drum heads

Mesh drum heads
  1. What are mesh heads for drums?
  2. Are mesh heads worth it?
  3. Are mesh heads quiet?
  4. How long do electronic drum mesh heads last?

What are mesh heads for drums?

Mesh heads are a type of drum head that aims to give you the feel of a normal acoustic drum head but at a lower volume. Tradition heads are made from plies of mylar sheets whereas mesh is made from plies of woven material. Since it is woven they don't produce the sound you would expect from a drum head.

Are mesh heads worth it?

More accurate sizes: most kits with mesh heads are usually closer to the sizes of actual acoustic drums. This means they're a good choice if you swap between an acoustic and electronic set regularly, as you won't have to alter your technique or change your accuracy at all.

Are mesh heads quiet?

Overall, mesh drumheads are the best option for silent drums… They're about as quiet as it gets on a real drum kit (and they're actually quieter than the rubber pads on most electronic drum kits).

How long do electronic drum mesh heads last?

A: Barring accident or abuse, they can last for years. Roland's mesh heads are manufactured by Remo, a long-standing drumhead maker. The fabric is securely glued into the hoop so it won't separate. Normal playing (see #1 above) poses no threat.

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