Light vs heavy action piano

Light vs heavy action piano

Modern piano actions have 48 grams of resistance in their middle octave as a general standard (from which many pianos deviate). Bass keys are heavier (the larger hammers are heavier), while the keys get lighter as you go up the piano.

  1. Are heavier piano keys better?
  2. How heavy should piano keys be?
  3. Can a piano action be made lighter?
  4. What makes a piano heavy?

Are heavier piano keys better?

Lighter keys will allow you to play faster, heavier keys offer greater expression.

How heavy should piano keys be?

A reading of 50 grams is about standard. Depending on the piano, however, it may be considerably more or less, anywhere from 30 to over 70 grams. Note that the key may not go all the way down.

Can a piano action be made lighter?

The way to deal with this phenomenon is to have a qualified piano technician reshape the hammers by filing them to create the original egg shape which produces a warm, projecting tone. Over time when the hammers have been filed a number of times, they will have less mass making the action lighter.

What makes a piano heavy?

What Causes A Piano To Be So Heavy? The combination of thick pieces of lumber, the heavy cast iron plate (sometimes called a harp), and numerous other components make the piano one of the heaviest musical instruments on the market. ... This component makes up almost 70% of the overall weight of this instrument.

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