Irig acoustic stage review

Irig acoustic stage review
  1. Does iRig work with acoustic guitar?
  2. How does iRig acoustic work?
  3. How do I get my iRig mic to work?

Does iRig work with acoustic guitar?

iRig Acoustic offers you the convenience of being easy to install (or remove) on any guitar — no modification of any instrument is required to use iRig Acoustic. ... Because you can easily install and remove it, you can use iRig Acoustic on all of your acoustics, even during the same set!

How does iRig acoustic work?

iRig Acoustic Stage uses an ultra-compact MEMS microphone to capture your acoustic's sound from the soundhole. It can be quickly slid into place in the soundhole of the instrument and easily removed with zero modification to the instrument required.

How do I get my iRig mic to work?

Works With Your Android Devices

No additional software is required, simply plug iRig Mic into your 1/8” (3.5mm) headphone/input jack and launch your favorite app. Also, iRig Mic comes with iRig Recorder FREE for Android, an extremely easy to use intuitive audio capture and processing app.

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