High larynx singers

High larynx singers
  1. Is it bad to sing with a high larynx?
  2. Is high larynx used in singing?
  3. Is high larynx bad?

Is it bad to sing with a high larynx?

Fair enough, a raised larynx can lead to strain, for this reason some singers and singing teachers consider the high larynx devil's work. Some may consider a twangy, high larynx sound as incorrect or even unhealthy. ... But if a high larynx is the natural by-product of a stylistic sound, then let's keep it that way.

Is high larynx used in singing?

Because of the source filter interaction effects of a higher larynx, it can strongly encourage certain settings in the vocal folds through the resonance. ... If you happen to use the brighter, more intense tones in your singing then you'll likely be using a raised larynx position without knowing.

Is high larynx bad?

High larynx puts your means of sound production close to the mouth. The sound tract can work somewhat like a horn speaker. In optimal conditions, your vocal folds operate against a quite larger air resistance than at the mouth opening.

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