Guitar sales down

Guitar sales down

Guitar sales around the world are in decline. In the US, sales are down about 30% to about a million guitars a year over the past decade. ... Fender is also deep in debt, and PRS Guitars recently had to cut staff.

  1. Is guitar losing popularity?
  2. Why are guitar sales down?
  3. Is the guitar industry dying?
  4. How are guitar sales doing?

Is guitar losing popularity?

The numbers are pretty shocking. In just the past decade, electric guitar sales have dropped by a third, from 1.5 million to a new average of just over 1 million. ... there's almost a popular sense that musicians have taken guitar music as far as it can go while electronic composition provides limitless options.

Why are guitar sales down?

“It feels like every day is Black Friday.” The sale of guitars shows how certain aspects of the music industry are able to thrive during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This year has seen a 98 percent drop in sales for Live Nation, forcing the company to cut staff in order to save money.

Is the guitar industry dying?

Actually, not quite. Guitar sales in many markets are on the rise, and the industry is in one of its more optimistic times. A report from research firm IBISWorld, which tracks guitar manufacturing in the U.S., shows consecutive growth in the last five years and a projected upswing through at least 2022.

How are guitar sales doing?

While Guitar Center doesn't share exact revenue figures, its chief marketing and communications officer Jeannine Davis D'Addario says Guitar Center's online business has “been booming as consumers visit significantly more frequently, with sales up substantially in most categories compared to 2019.” According to Guitar ...

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