Grace notes

Grace notes

A grace note is a brief note that functions as ornamentation for the note that follows it, which is known as a main note or principal note. In performance practice, grace notes function as an acciaccatura, a term in music theory that describes ornamentation or embellishment.

  1. What is a grace note in music?
  2. What is the difference between a grace note and an appoggiatura?

What is a grace note in music?

1 : a musical note added as an ornament especially : appoggiatura. 2 : a small addition or embellishment.

What is the difference between a grace note and an appoggiatura?

An appoggiatura is a nonchord tone — that is, a note that doesn't fit into the current chord — that is approached by leap and resolved by step. So a grace note is a rhythmic device and an appoggiatura is a melodic/harmonic device.

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