Deltoid pain guitar

Deltoid pain guitar
  1. Can playing guitar cause arm pain?
  2. Can playing guitar cause bursitis?
  3. How can I ease the pain of playing guitar?

Can playing guitar cause arm pain?

The guitar is an addictive instrument, and guitar players do get obsessed with perfecting the way that they play their songs. Excessive practice can result in wrist pain, joint pain, forearm pain, elbow pain, and posture problems, along with many other issues.

Can playing guitar cause bursitis?

Musicians are also susceptible to bursitis, a condition that happens when there is swelling in the bursa. Bursae are thin, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the bone from tendons and muscles. Usually caused by a formal injury, repetitive motions are also known to cause bursitis.

How can I ease the pain of playing guitar?

How to treat sore fingers

  1. Apply a cold compress to relieve the pain and swelling.
  2. Take a mild pain medication, such as ibuprofen (Advil), for muscle or joint pain.
  3. Apply a numbing ointment to ease the discomfort between sessions.
  4. Soak injured fingertips in apple cider vinegar between sessions to promote healing.

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