Best strings for piezo pickup

Best strings for piezo pickup
  1. Will a piezo pickup work with nylon strings?
  2. Are piezo pickups good?
  3. Do phosphor bronze strings work with pickups?
  4. Why do piezo pickups sound so bad?

Will a piezo pickup work with nylon strings?

While standard undersaddle piezo pickups should work fine with nylon string guitars, having one that's specifically designed for your instrument is much better.

Are piezo pickups good?

Pros. Piezo pickups detect their vibrations from the saddle of the guitar, where the strings are particularly tight. As a result, the sound is often extremely bright and clear, with plenty of attack – every note is defined. They have a broad dynamic range, so the nuances of your playing shine through pretty accurately.

Do phosphor bronze strings work with pickups?

It really didn't feel as though there was any struggle with output on these strings so they're perfectly suitable for a sound hole pickup. Along with 80/20 bronze, phosphor bronze is another 'go-to' wrap material choice for many acoustic players, and is arguably the most popular acoustic alloy out there.

Why do piezo pickups sound so bad?

piezo systems suffer from installation problems that result in less-than-ideal sound. ... The downside of undersaddle pickups is that they tend to have a very strong, spiky transient attack, which can make the guitar sound harsh or unappealing, especially when played with a heavy right hand.

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