Behringer x32 multitrack recording usb

Behringer x32 multitrack recording usb
  1. Can you multitrack record on X32?
  2. Does the X32 work with Reaper?

Can you multitrack record on X32?

Recording X32 to a computer

The USB connection on your X32 can be used to record audio and MIDI to a DAW. While most users will use this feature for multi-track recording, once configured, the channel faders can even be used as a DAW controller. ... Connect the X32 to your computer via USB.

Does the X32 work with Reaper?

Patrick-Gilles Maillot has been working on bringing better integration of the Behringer X32 console control surface with REAPER to all. ... I made the acquisition of a Behringer X32 standard console for my music studio and gig needs.

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