Baroque trill rules

Baroque trill rules

Essentially, a trill marking in a piece of music indicates to the performer that a rapid alternation of the written note to upper note is required; either at the interval of a tone or semitone. This is how a trill would be read and performed today unless the composer expressly indicated otherwise.

  1. Do baroque trills go up or down?
  2. What note does a baroque trill start on?
  3. How do you play classical trill?

Do baroque trills go up or down?

The shortest rule would be that in the Baroque and early Classical period trills start on the upper note (above the principal note = "trill down", I guess). And that later, there is more tendency to start on the principal note and "trill up."

What note does a baroque trill start on?

He suggests that the trill can start on either the upper or lower note at other points in Baroque compositions, depending on which sounds better. In more modern music the convention is to always start the trill on the main note.

How do you play classical trill?

The Trill

  1. The first way is to begin on its upper neighbor, thus accenting the higher note in the trill. ...
  2. The second possibility was used in the late Classical and Romantic periods. ...
  3. The third possibility, which is very uncommon, is to begin the trill on the note lower than the main note.

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